Greeting cards designed by Ella Sandor

  • I love the selection of cards you guys have!

    - Jennifer from Denver, CO

  • As a mother of two, it's a godsend to be able to pick out a card without chasing my kids around the store.

    - Heather from Chicago, IL

  • It's so much easier to find a card on Card Gnome than at my local store. Thank you!

    - Linda from Sunset, SC

  • I'm terrible at remembering to send cards. Thanks to your reminders, I now have a happy wife & mom!

    - Chad from Philadelphia, PA

I live and work in Cambridge with my cat Chilli. It is essential for an illustrator to own a cat. A cat is an excellent team worker; While I'm working Chilli is relaxing on a soft cushion enjoying the magical atmosphere of creation.