Greeting cards designed by Alyson Chase Studio

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All greeting cards are printed on high quality paper.
Choose to have your card shipped to you with a blank envelope so you can sign it, or write a message on the inside and we'll mail your card directly to your loved one!

  • I love the selection of cards you guys have!

    - Jennifer from Denver, CO

Since 2004, Alyson Chase has devoted herself full-time to her art through the Alyson Chase Studio. Her acrylic paintings depict the flora and fauna of her native Vermont with whimsical flair and, by extension, capture the cheerfulness, optimism, and spontaneity of the American imagination.

Since she was a child, Alyson saw the world through artist’s eyes. Encouraged by her art teachers, she developed her creativity in drawing, painting, and fiber arts. Throughout high school and college, she continued to explore the range of her creative talent.

After marrying, raising her children, and a career in banking, Alyson returned to art. With fresh enthusiasm and in the company of fellow Vermont painters, Alyson found her artistic center in acrylics. Her contemporary stylizations, direct perspectives, vibrant palette, and intuitive use of color create her trademark visual signature. Alyson is a licensed artist, reproductions of her original paintings put her work in the hands and homes of people across the country.

Throughout, Alyson has continued to explore her love of color and fabric. In hand-painting floorcloths — painted canvas rugs made popular by American colonists — she participates in the robust revival of a traditional art form.

Alyson currently lives in Richmond, Vermont with her husband Bruce and two sons.