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  • Earn a royalty on each card sold
  • Gain access to many card buyers
  • No-worry order fulfillment
  • Artist friendly license agreement

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Our licensing terms are simple. You keep your copyright on your card designs, earn a royalty on each card sold, and are free to add or remove your designs whenever you'd like.

Earn a royalty on each card sold

  • Receive 5% of the price of a card (10¢ minimum)
  • Never pay any fees, and setup is fast and free
  • Receive a payout once you accrue $10 in royalties

Gain access to many card buyers

  • We have a rapidly growing user base
  • Metrics and promotional tools help you sell more
  • We handle tough things like SEO & advertising

Worry-free order fulfillment

  • Customers can personalize your cards in minutes
  • We handle the transaction details
  • We handle the printing and shipment of purchased cards

Artist friendly license agreement

  • You keep the copyright to your work
  • We don't require exclusivity on your designs
  • Easily add or remove content from the site

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