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Blend and Harmonize - Wedding

designed by SunAtNight

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Blend and Harmonize - Wedding

designed by   SunAtNight

Artist's description:

Illustrated congratulations card for second marriage or blended family. Depicted is wedding rings interlocked or linked together. One ring has a solitaire illustrated diamond setting, the other is a band. Inside the rings are different colors while the middle of the two rings has an ornate organic leafy pattern. Text on front of card reads: "Blend and harmonize . . ." Background of card is a soft marble texture with leafy organics. Inside card reads: ". . . while linking joyously together as a family. Congratulations on your union." Muted soft lavender and gray color palette.


wedding, marriage, blend, blended family, second, matrimony, rings, band, ring set, solitaire, illustrated diamond, leafy, leaf, organic, linked, interlocked, harmonize, joyously, family, lavender, union


Product description:

High quality 5 x 7 in paper greeting card printed on recycled paper.