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The Inner Me

designed by Sima Gilady Cards

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The Inner Me

designed by   Sima Gilady Cards

Artist's description:

The Inner Me {By Leah Gilady} I created this multiple image photo of my naked back and within in a photo of Israel to resemble who I really am. Although I was born and raised in Boulder, both my parents were not. My heritage is traced all the way across tho ocean to Israel where all our family is. We go back to visit at least once a year, twice if we are lucky and eventhough I was born here, I believe Israel is still home to me. I chose to make two photos for my self portrait because the smaller multiple image showed more detail of the city on my back. The bricks on the floor began on my lower back representing walking into the future and away from the past. All around me is dark because it is still the unknown in my life. The picture of the city is a walkway overlooking Israel as my future. The larger photo has less detail which I also like because it brings out the light in my back. The longer you look at the picture the more you begin to see. Once again it is a dark picture and alot of open space around me to leave room for my future. I love the pieces that I have created because it truely symbolizes me now, and who I will be in later years to come. The experience to develop my own film and photography opened a new creativity to me. It allows me to see things I wouldn't normally see through a lens and I definitely think the photos I make capture an image that means something to me. This is a place BACK home!




Product description:

High quality 5 x 7 in paper greeting card printed on recycled paper.