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It is perhaps one of the wisest holidays in existence, or at least the holiday with the most
World War Two stories: Grandparents’ Day! It’s a day to honor both Grandmothers
and Grandfathers, or anyone whose kids have gone on to have more kids. After already
having been celebrated earlier in the year on Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day, the
Grandparents of the world get to kick back and enjoy another round of fetes from their
progeny – but going through two rounds of parenting will certainly earn that for you.
Grandparents’ Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day, since grandparents hate being
overshadowed and insist on not having their day ever happen immediately before another
major holiday. As the winter sets in, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of your
grandparents wealth of experience or at least show your appreciation for them with a
message, a card or by sending them some Grandparents’ Day crafts. After all, they’re one
of the only groups of people who can help keep your parents from nagging you.

Despite honoring people who are older, Grandparents’ Day is much younger than
Mothers’ or Fathers’ Day. Created by Marian McQuade in the mid 20th century, the
holiday was intended not only as a day to honor grandparents but seniors in general –
since without seniors we wouldn’t have such noteworthy luminaries as Santa Claus or the
dancing guy from the Six Flags ads. The day was officially recognized as a U.S. holiday
by Jimmy Carter in 1979, and today is an official holiday in several countries around
the world. Grandparents Day is typically celebrated with crafts, poems, cards, or simply
by taking a day to listen to some of their crazy stories; after all, your stories are going to
sound just as odd when you’re their age.