A Simple Thanks

The clever Kristin Sheldon is one of our treasured artists. Heartstrings Card Company was founded by Kristin in 1981—since then, she has designed over 500 greeting cards that are sold across the country. Kristin’s cards are created by a mix of pen and watercolor which gives her cards a real sense of whimsy.

In addition to cards, Kristin has contributed her art to local, non-profit organizations. She has created posters for the Lights of December parade in Boulder, Colorado, for Habitat for Humanity, for the Beach Ball Impact on Education Fundraiser, and for the Canine Classic M.E.S.A Fundraiser. She’s even created the illustrations for the children’s book entitled The Martha is Mine by Greg Hicks and Rick Foster.

Her collection of birthday cards is simple and meaningful.

  Queen for a DayKing for a Day

My personal favorite is the “Give Peas a Chance” card. It is a wonderful card for a baby shower and an adorable concept.

                               Give Peas a Chance

Lady Lucas cards is one of Card Gnome’s first Greeting Card Companies. Her cards mingle adorable cartoon characters with simple messages that are perfect for almost any occasion.

Ashley Lucas is the founder and designer of Lady Lucas cards. She graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and has used to talent to create greeting cards, coloring books and a number of other fun crafts. She is also the author of a children’s book entitled, Boo, Bat and Pumpkin Throw a Party.

Some of my personal favorites are her thank you cards.

   Thank You CardAshley's Thank You Cards

She also has a number of very colorful birthday cards. The adorable characters and rainbow of colors will brighten your friend or loved one’s birthday. One of the most unique aspects of her work is her use of cartoon food. She often uses fruit and cupcakes to portray her message.

                                                Cupcake Happy Birthday

Ashley’s collection of cards also includes bright cards for baby showers, lively get well soon cards and cards for holidays like Valentine’s day and even Father’s Day.

                                       Father's Day


Our youngest artist is a young woman named Sarah. She is twelve years old and makes greeting cards with her mom under the name Sarah’s Craftyhands. Sarah is making her cards because she wants to share her craft with people.

Her cards illustrate her extraordinary creativity and remarkable artist talent with simple messages that go straight to the heart. Some of my personal favorites are her cards for baby showers. These cards use subtle color and depth to create a feeling of serenity.

Baby Card for a girl

Sarah also has also created a beautiful birthday card. The delectable handmade cupcakes jump right off the card.

Sarah's Birthday Card

Sarah’s other creative cards are perfect cards to say “thank you” or simply, “I love you.

Thank you greeting cardI Love you by Sarah

We are very excited to have Tracey Buchanan, owner and designer for the Tracey Buchanan Studio, as a new artist on our site. Her cards are absolutely delightful and combine her whimsical drawings with her quirky sayings.

Tracey is the creator of her unique cards, as well as an author and freelance magazine writer. She is inspired by the colorful people and pets in her life and, as such, her cards are just as lively as the individuals who inspire her.

The sentiments expressed on the Tracey Buchanan Studio cards are wonderful ones to give to friends. One of my favorite cards, posted below, is the perfect card to give to a friend when she is feeling low, or just needs a quick note to brighten up her day.

Tracey Buchanan Fun Card

Tracey also creates sensational birthday cards for women to give to their friends. Her unique characters, and creative use of color, really help express the happy feelings behind each and every one of her cards.

Birhtday Card

Each of Tracey’s cards have a specific purpose, be it to let a friend know you want them to get well soon, to be with a friend when they are celebrating, or just to cheer a friend up when they are frustrated with life.

For a Friend in need Get Well

One of our newest card companies is Salon of Art. It is a company with an intriguing name, and even more intriguing cards. The cards combine beatuiful photography with tasteful typography and meaningful messages.

Doreen Erhardt, is the creative mind behind this brand and we're not the only ones that recognize her skills. She has received over 50 awards in the 35 years she has been a freelance Master Photographer. One of these awards is the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Art and Science of Photography. So believe us when we say, she knows what she is doing.

Here is a great anniversary card for a husband to give to his wife. Notice how Doreen combined the picturesque beach to illustrate a beautiful relationship. A Perfect Anniversary Card Her collection of birthday cards for family and friends includes this gem. Doreen uses a lot of images of horses in her cards.Best Friend Birthday CardAnd, of course, with Father's Day fast approaching, Doreen has a number of great Father's Day cards including our favorite below.Father's Day for Dad


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