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Working with the Creative Gnome - Steve Lowtwait

Another beautiful autumn afternoon in Boulder... and we're stuck in the office. 

Actually, I have to admit, while working with the rest of the gnomes here at Card Gnome, I've never felt 'stuck' in the office and my work, has never felt like a chore. Much of my delight comes from the individuals I have the pleasure to work beside. One in particular is Steve Lowtwait, Card Gnome Art Director and Artist. 

His work is beyond genius and his witty one-liners are hysterical. Spend one hour talking through ideas and analogies with Steve and it feels more like a conversation over coffee rather than a regular Tuesday branding meeting. To borrow a phrase from Joel, "The entire time he's worked with us, there hasn't been one thing that Steve has submitted or created for us that hasn't made me say, 'Wow.'" My thoughts exactly, Joel. 

Sure it is easy to be impressed by so many artist's works and creations, but to see Steve's creativity in action is absolutely astonishing. 

For the locals that haven't seen Steve's work around Boulder and for all of you around the nation and around the world, visit CampSteve, his website. He also recently wrote a blog post talking about his work with us here. 

Read his blog post, Working for the Gnome, here

Want to get to know Steve Lowtwait more and support his work? "Like" him on Facebook  and Follow him on Twitter: @campsteve