The World of Gummies: Delicious and Addictive

                  Gummy Bear Card

Jenice Johnson has been an artist on Card Gnome for a number of months—her cards are very popular, and it is not hard to see why! Her fantastic twist on the use of a delicious treat, the Gummy Bear, makes her art unique and adorable!

Jenice has been a writer, editor, and photographer for the last six years, with art featured in various galleries around Dallas and Fort Worth. Her fascination with gummy bears started while she was working at The Dallas Morning News—she felt she wanted a break from her same old routine and so turned over a stack of newspaper proofs, placed a blue gummy bear on top and snapped the first Gummy World photograph.

We are so pleased to have her work on our site. The cards from Jenice’s Gummy World are perfect for every occasion from Mother’s and Father’s day to “Thank you being a friend”.

                            Gummy Bear Card 2