The Many Adventures of Bud and Tony

                             Birthday Cats at Candy Store

Animal lovers, check this out! One of our newest artists is Betty Matsumoto-Schuch—and she is quickly becoming a Card Gnome Favorite. Her artwork depicts two fanciful cats in just about every scenario one can imagine. Betty has created the most amazing personality behind her line of cards—and the names of that personality are Bud and Tony, two kitty cats with an appreciation of life, love, and friends.


The two characters on Betty’s cards are loosely based on real-life felines. Because of their numerous poses and the various situations the cats find themselves in, these cards are perfect for everyone. Each of the images, from the cats playing poker, to the cats grocery shopping or even building a “sandman”, is a fabulous, funny interpretation that any pet lover can appreciate. The cards can make you wonder: what EXACTLY are my pets doing when I am away from home?

                    Christmas on the Beach

Some of my personal favorites are Betty’s birthday cards. With cards depicting cats in a candy store or at the spa, there is a cat card in her collection for everyone’s birthday. Each of Betty’s cards are wonderfully unique—see them for yourself!

                           Birthday at the Spa