Greeting Cards by Elyse

Father's Day Card
As an individual with experience in many mediums (oil and water color, illustration, and Photoshop, to name a few), Elyse has magically modified some of her artwork into some truly fantastic cards. Elyse has over ten years of experience in the animation industry, with some very impressive credentials. She worked on animation for the movie “Space Jam”, as well as some Nickelodeon cartoons such as, “Hey Arnold” and “Dora the Explorer.” For more information of Elyse and her art, take a look at her portfolio on her website.

Outside of her ten years of animation experience, Elyse spend as much time with her children, as she has two “lovely lads” of her own. Her illustrations and photographs make fabulous greeting cards on Card Gnome.

While she has a number of fun, unique cards, my favorites are her “Love” card and her "Father's Day" card.