Everybody Loves a Fantasy: CM Studio

                  Time Wizard

We are so excited to have recently added Roberta Collier-Morales’ artwork to Card Gnome. Her artwork is whimsical, colorful, and clever all while incorporating charming sentiments. From elves and fairies to owls and cows you are sure to find a card that is magical. See it for yourself in Roberta’s shop, CM Studio! 

As a children's book illustrator, her illustrations easily convey a sense of happiness that can mark any joyous occasion. If, as she puts it, art is food for the soul, let us be the first to say "yum!"

As you might have guessed from this glowing review, I personally love all of Roberta's cards. Her “Love and Anniversary Cards” and “Friendship Cards” are especially good, you won't be disappointed.

                            Beef Bull-Yawn

                             Owl's Dancing on a Tree