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End Famine in West Africa, Introducing Water4Food 2012

Part of our long-term vision at Card Gnome is to make the world a better place. This is not limited to the personal connections made through greeting cards. By partnering with non-profits, we can impact the lives of more people all over the globe.

We're proud to announce our partnership with iDE, an organization that brings clean water to rural farmers in developing countries so families can grow more food for themselves and their communities. We're launching a big fundraiser to help end famine in West Africa. We call it Water4Food 2012.


By purchasing the Water4Food greeting card plan (25 cards for $79.99), 50% will be donated to iDE. It only takes $250 to pull one family out of poverty.

If you purchase the card plan, you'll have 25 cards to send for one year. Each time you send a card to your family or friends, you'll feel good knowing you also helped a family in West Africa feed their children.

Get a plan or learn more at


Water4Food 2012 in Denver, Colorado:

Card Gnome and iDE are Colorado based, so we're also hosting a local initiative to gain support. The United Nation's World Water Day is this Thursday, March 22nd, and we're putting on a day of volunteer service, as well as a fundraiser party for volunteers and donors (those who bought the card plan).

Get involved at