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Cherie Balowski: Artist for a Lifetime


The artwork of Cherie Balowski can definitely be described as colorful. Cherie’s Art Card Store hosts a lot of unique designs that are created digitally, with her camera or by hand.

Card Gnome was not Cherie’s first forte into arts and crafts—in fact, she says she was born an artist. As a girl born in Michigan, Cherie began creating works of art at a very young age. She started out creating art with water colors, then evolved to sculpting and painting clay figures. From there, she moved to carving rubber stamps, embossing copper places, and making paper mosaics and collages. Once she started working with computers, digital art became a new, powerful art medium for her to use. Cherie’s quirky, unique cards illustrate her passion and ingenuity.

Her cards are great for women to give to their friends, and she has a ton of cards for different occasions. Her collection of birthday cards is marvelous.

                                    Cherie's Birthday Card

My personal favorites are her thank you cards.

                                   Cherie's Thank You Card