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Celebrating Friend-a-versaries!

In this big ol’ modern world, we like to find a reason to celebrate just about anything and everything, and a smile-worthy celebration trend that’s on the rise is Friend-a-Versaries.

In romantic relationships, it’s normal to celebrate the regular (and not-so-regular) milestones. We give cards, buy flowers, go out to fancy-schmancy candlelit dinners—even with partners we've only known for a year or two.

But what about your friendships? These platonic, long-standing relationships may be the longest relationships you’ll ever have, sometimes long after a romance (or even a marriage) fizzles. And often, we just let the years of friendship pass us by.

You most likely remember how you met your bud, when you first hung out, and how you became closer—so why not celebrate the milestones of your friendship? It’s a great way to show your gratitude for the nearest and dearest people in your life. Here, we’ve collected a few ideas on how to celebrate your Friend-a-Versary:

Cook a Signature Friendship Dish Together: You may have shared your first meal over Korean BBQ, or you both have a love for the delightful Giada DeLaurentiis. Whatever culinary bond you have, celebrate it by making a meal together that honors your shared foodie interests.

A Friend-a-Versary Getaway: With the Friend-a-Versary trend growing, there’s been an increase in vacation get-a-ways, from friendship cruises to the Cayman Islands to quick trips to Las Vegas. Want to keep things closer to home? Take a day trip to your favorite hiking spot, or plan a fun picnic in the park.

Long-Distance Friends? Send them a Card! Not all longtime friends live within the same zip code, let alone the same time zone. Send your pal a nod to your friendly affection for each other with a Card Gnome card! We have dozens of friendship-themed cards to choose from, all of which you can personalize with your own message.

From jet-setting getaways to boozy toasts, sentimental cards and beyond, celebrating your friendships is a great way to acknowledge some of the most important—and long-standing!— relationships in your life.