Cards and Heroes Holiday Program by Card Gnome

Cards and Heroes Holiday Campaign

Card Gnome to give 10,000 Free Greeting Cards to Military through Cards and Heroes Holiday Campaign


This holiday season, Card Gnome would like to thank our military for their service and sacrifice. We understand that sharing the holidays with the ones you love is part of what makes this time of year so magical. Many of our neighbors, friends, and family who are actively serving our country cannot be close to home, so we’d like to do our part to help. To help bridge that distance we created Cards and Heroes, providing free holiday greeting cards to members of the military to send home to their loved ones.

Through the Cards and Heroes program, active service members can choose one free greeting card to send to their loved ones simply by entering an email address ending in .mil when registering on the site. After registering, service members may choose a holiday card of their choice to be sent, postage paid, on a date that they select. While a card certainly cannot replace having our service members home during the holidays, receiving something that we can hold which sends their love helps them not seem quite so far away, even if just for a moment.

Card Gnome has also made it easy to participate with the American Red Cross "Mail for Heroes" campaign, by giving those who are not part of the military the ability to send a card of appreciation to service members and veterans this holiday season. All cards sent to service members are $4.99 and include all postage and shipping costs.

Visit the Cards and Heroes page and send a card today!