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Bucking Tradition: 10 Crazy-Awkward Holiday Cards

During the holiday season, it’s tradition for many families to send out a greeting card, often with a family photo and an update on the latest family news.

But when tradition grows stale or the year’s news isn’t terribly newsworthy, some families look to other ways to send a holiday—ahem—greeting. Ironic or sincere, these ten families have bucked tradition to create holiday cards that will stand out from the crowd, to say the least.

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10. Santa and his…um, reindeer. We hope.


9. The recent divorcee (or guy who just can’t keep a girlfriend). To laugh or cry? We’re just not sure.


8. Brothers in bacon suits. Is this a sick joke at the expense of the Three Little Pigs? #badform


7. Little Mary just learned a new way to send a greeting. Her twin sister is amused. Santa? Not so much.


6. Well, that’s one way to announce your pregnancy. C’mon, guys: Ever heard of oversharing?


5. Either this family likes to hunt, or it’s a zoo visit gone horribly wrong. Guess we know what’s in their deep-freeze now.


4. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like posing for a photo. Don’t force it, guys. You’re making it awkward for everyone else.


3. This tech-addicted family will wish you a happy holiday. Just one sec.


2. A Christmas greeting from heaven! Now there’s a first. 


1. This family has staked their claim on “The Worst Christmas Card Ever.” Sadly, we’d have to agree.