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4 Tips for Writing Perfect Birthday Cards

Oh, the ubiquitous happy birthday card. You probably send a bunch of them every year -- or at least more than you’d send for something like Administrative Professionals day.

I sometimes have to pause when thinking of the most creative way to write birthday greetings. After all, it can get boring to write the same “Have a great birthday” message over and over.
Here are some tricks I’ve used  for making each birthday message a just-for-them memory.

  1. Find out who shares a birthday with your loved one. Is it Dr. Seuss? Madonna? Genghis Khan? Inside the card, include a few fun facts about that person. Maybe your loved one shares a few traits with their celebrity birthday buddy!
  2. Got writer’s block? Great poets, comedians and musicians might have already done the work for you. Jot down a funny birthday quote from someone like Jerry Seinfeld, who once said:

“You know you’re getting old when you get that one candle on the cake. It’s like, “see if you can blow this out.”

  1. Get a little vintage. If you’ve known the birthday boy or girl for many years, think back to a long-ago birthday and share  some memories from that past celebration. As a kid, did your pal tend to get sunburned at a water park? Or maybe spend the day at the batting cages? Extra points if you can scrounge up an old photo, too.
  2. What has your friend or family member done for you on your birthday? Be sure to tell them how much you appreciated the surprise flowers, the free lunch or the cheery birthday card from last year. Include a  message like, “You’ve always made me feel special on my birthday. I hope you feel just as special on yours.”