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10 Ways to Make Your Greeting Card Memorable

When you send a greeting card, would you prefer for your friend or loved one to frame it and put it on his or her wall, or quietly slip it into the recycle bin? Unless you’re a bad friend or a masochist, you probably answered the former. Here are ten ways you can make your greeting card memorable, and by keeping your friend from throwing the card out, help save the planet too!

  1. A wise man once said life is like a box of chocolates, so why not send something sweet to your friend? Small candies and sweets usually work great, just make sure they won’t melt or blow up inside the envelope and ruin the card.
  2. In our social media addled era, anything longer than 140 characters is considered to be like reading War and Peace. But ironically, you can remind your friends in your greeting card that they mean more to you than a few zeros and ones sent via Facebook by copying the Facebook format! Write a private status update, print it out, and paste it into your card. They won’t be able to click the “like” button when they get it, but they will actually like it much more than any electronic message.
  3. After finishing the message in your greeting card, give instructions for how to fold it into a paper crane. Whether that means crane as in the bird or crane as in the construction device depends on the skill level of your friend.
  4. Tap into your inner Long John Silver by providing your friend with a treasure map. Be a good sport and remember to actually leave something at the end. Or you can cheat and give them a link to a geocache page.
  5. For the friend with empty walls, send a number of small photos along with instructions as to how to set them up to make an attractive display. If you’re feeling adventurous, try making a photomosaic.
  6. The fold-in greeting card –anyone who has ever read Mad Magazine has seen the “fold-in” on the back cover where you fold the page in half over the text to create a new message. They’re tricky to do, but if your friend doesn’t mind a bit of sarcasm you can just copy one from a copy of the actual magazine.
  7. Connect the dots: it’s good to make your friend feel younger, especially for his/her birthday, so why not bring back everyone’s favorite childhood activity in your next greeting card? No, not hopscotch, that wouldn’t fit in the envelope. But a connect the dots message is the next best thing!
  8. For the musical friend, why not find the score for a favorite song and send it with your greeting card?  Even if your friend is only an amateur, it’s still likely to sound better than those tinny greeting cards with audio playback.
  9. Though you can’t really send fresh flowers to your friend, at least not without the mail carrier complaining about thorns, it’s possible to send dried flower petals, which will keep and make it to your friend intact. Although it doesn’t quite have the same effect of sending real flowers, it can still make your card memorable.
  10. Putting in directions for a new meal to try is a recipe for a great greeting card. If you’re missing your friend’s birthday, it’s a way to make him or her feel like you’re actually there. And though you won’t be able to try it yourself, it’s still nice to think of sharing something tasty with your friend.