<div class="frilly-content clearfix "> <h1 class="orange center-text">Card Gnome lets you<br/> send greeting cards from the internet.</h1> <img alt="How_cardgnome_works" class="center" src="http://assets2.cardgnome.com/assets/how_cardgnome_works-740bbc3fe50028f18f48820b3c45c20e.jpg" /> <hr/> <h1 class="orange">50% off for Daily Deals for <br/>Moms customers:</h1> <ul class="purple"> <li>Choose any 5 cards from the thousands in our store. We’ll help you find the perfect ones.</li> <li class="orange">You get one year to choose your 5 cards so you don’t have to do it all at once.</li> <li>Send cards to yourself to personalize by hand and give to loved ones in person.</li> <li class="orange">Card Gnome has the best selection of cards by top designers from around the world.</li> </ul> </div>